Our Story

Leche was born soon after the birth of our first baby. We discovered, to our dismay, that the formula we were supplementing our breast milk supply with had corn syrup listed as the first ingredient. We avoid corn syrup in our own diet - and yet in our sleep deprivation hadn’t seen that this was the main ingredient in the junk we were feeding our baby. Our search for a suitable formula to augment breast milk production began.

We realized quite quickly that nothing in the US had ingredients that we felt comfortable feeding our infant. The labelling would proclaim that it was ‘organic’ and ‘the closest thing to breast milk’, but the claims on the front of the packaging did not match the ingredients on the back of the packaging. Corn syrup wasn’t the only negative component we discovered. Amongst the host of glossed over ingredients often found in US formulas is soy. Soy has been found to increase the phytoestrogen levels, which are endocrine disruptors, causing unbalanced hormone levels in growing babies. Another filler ingredient prevalent in US infant formula is carrageenan. Carrageenan has been linked to such things as bloating, IBS, inflammation, and food allergies. Long term exposure of carrageenan through diet has been linked with diseases such as arthritis and tendonitis. Additives such as DHA and AHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid) are often extracted using hexane, an ingredient that can also be found in stain remover and gasoline. The list goes on.

Breast milk is best for growing babies. No packaging on any formula will change this fact. Breast milk is best. However, if for whatever reason you are unable to breastfeed, or need to augment breast milk with formula, there needs to be a healthy option. Baby formula, even when used to augment breast milk production, should not contain corn syrup anywhere in the ingredient list, let alone as the first and main ingredient. We believe that early eating patterns create lifelong habits. We also believe that the FDA is failing our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The answer we found lies overseas, in Europe. We’ve found formula we feel comfortable feeding our baby, and now bring this formula to you.

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