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Formula Preparation Instructions

Ratio of Formula to Water

The ratio is 1 to 1. One unpacked scoop of formula (using the scoop provided in every box of formula) to one ounce of water.

Formula Preparation Instructions

1. Clean everything (bottle, teat and ring) in boiling water for 3 - 5 minutes.

2. Boil new clean water using the volumes in the feeding tables below. Do not use microwaved, artificially softened or repeatedly boiled water.

3. Cool to optimal mixing temperature: 122 F / 50 C.

4. Fill 2/3 of the bottle with the clean boiled water.

5. Using the measuring spoon provided and according to the instructions, add the correct number of scoops - 1 scoop per 1 fluid ounce of water.

6. Level off with the back of a clean dry knife. Do not compress the powder.

7. Close the bottle.

8. Shake well until dissolved (more than 15 seconds). A small foam later should disappear by itself after a short time.

9. Add remaining water, close bottle and shake lightly again until solution is evenly distributed.

10. Hold the bottle under cold running water. Cool to drinking temperature: 98.6 F / 37 C

11. Before feeding, take the bottle and sprinkle a few drops on the most sensitive part of your arm — the inside of your wrist. It is ready for the baby to drink when the milk should feel warm, not hot or cold.

Care Instructions

Store formula powder in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Keep airtight and use within 3 weeks.

Do not add extra scoops of powder or mix with anything else (such as regular cow milk)

If left sitting at room temperature, you should use a bottle of prepared formula within 1 hour.

If refrigerated, a prepared bottle of formula should be used within 2-12 hours

Expiration date is indicated on each box in the European format Day/Month/Year

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