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Holle Organic Rice Porridge - Reisflocken - Get Leche

Holle Organic Rice Porridge - Reisflocken

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Age: Suitable from when starting to wean as part of a mixed diet, from 4 months at the earliest
Yields: Approx. 13 Meals
    • 100% Whole Grains
    • Gluten Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Simple preparation
    • No GMOs
    • No added sugar
    • EU Certified Organic
Only carefully selected grains are used in Holle organic baby porridges. The goodness of the wholegrain is unlocked using warmth and moisture. Holle organic baby porridges offer you multiple preparation options to help give your child a varied diet during weaning. 


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Possible preparations after the 4th month:

Preparation with infant formula: Prepare 170 ml of your chosen infant formula (according to instructions). Pour the prepared formula into a bowl and stir in 18g Holle Organic Rice Porridge (about 3-4 tablespoons). Allow to soak and cool to body temperature (approx. 98.6° F) before serving. 

Half-milk porridge (in compliance with European recommendations)
Boil 100ml whole milk and 100ml water and allow to cool to approx. 122 ° F. Pour the liquid into a bowl and stir in 25g 
Holle Organic Rice Porridge (approx. 5 tablespoons). Allow to soak and cool to body temperature (approx. 98.6° F) before serving. 

Preparation with breast milk
Stir 25g 
Holle Organic Rice Porridge (about 5 tablespoons) into 130ml warm milk breast milk. Please note: In order to preserve the valuable nutrients you do not heat the milk above 40 ° C.

Dairy-free porridge
Boil 200 ml of water and wait until it cools down to approx. 122 ° F. Add 25g
Holle Organic Rice Porridge ( about 5 tablespoons) and mix with 1 teaspoon of Holle Organic Oil Supplement for Infants and Children until desired consistency is reached.

Dairy-free porridge with fruits or vegetables
Mix 10 g ofHolle Organic Rice Porridge (about 2 tablespoons) with 100 g fresh pureed fruit and 1 teaspoon Holle Organic Oil Supplement for Infants and Children. Add water (boiled, 50 ° C) if necessary. Alternatively use 160g of warm vegetable purée and add 2 teaspoons of the Holle Organic Oil Supplement for Infants and Children.

Preparation using Infant Follow-on Formula (Stage 2)Boil 150 ml of water and wait until the mixture cools down to approx. 122 ° F. Add 5 measuring spoons of Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 before stirring in 18g Organic Rice Porridge (3-4 tablespoons).

Ingredients: wholegrain rice flour*, Thiamin/Vitamin B1 (required by EU law)

* from organic farming

Important Information: Start feeding porridges from about 4-6 months according to your baby’s stage of development and individual needs. Do not give to babies under 4 months as a substitute for breast milk. 

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