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Amber Necklaces

Raw Baltic Sea Amber is highly sought after for its multitude of natural, healing effects and benefits. It is most well known for alleviating aches and pains, such as headaches, arthritis, joint pain and asthma, as well as teething pain in babies. It helps heal physical wounds, reduces inflammation in the body, and can calm the mind of a person suffering from ADHD. 

Leche works with artisans in Lithuania who have been in this trade for generations, who lovingly craft each piece by hand using 100% Genuine Baltic Amber and other natural gemstones. This raw, never treated Amber, contains the highest levels of Succinic Acid. It is this succinic (which is Latin for Amber) acid which provides such wonderful healing effects for all who wear this fantastic naturopathic good-ness. We know you’ll love this great looking Amber as much as we do.

For Babies -  A safe alternative to toxic, chemical teething tablets. Reduces drooling, gum swelling and fussiness. Baby and Child Necklaces have Pop safety clasp closures.

For Adults - A natural aid known to relieve migraine pain, regulate thyroid health, and provide relief for joint pain conditions such as "Mommy's Wrist", Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis.


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