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HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g - Get Leche
HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g
HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g
Load image into Gallery viewer, HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g - Get Leche
Load image into Gallery viewer, HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g
Load image into Gallery viewer, HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g

HiPP Comfort German Infant Milk Formula 500g

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Age: Suitable from birth onwards
Yields: Approx. 132 fluid ounces of formula

  • For flatulence, colic, and constipation
  • Reduced lactose content
  • Aids in digestion
  • Does not contain soy or gluten
  • Contains Probiotics, Prebiotic fibers and LCP (Omega 3 & 6)
  • No steroids, hormones, antibiotics or GMO ingredients
  • No added sugar

HiPP Comfort helps with gassiness, lactose-related colic, and constipation while fulfilling all the nutritional requirements of your baby. Through its special formulation, HiPP Comfort formula loosens the baby’s stool and helps to regulate bowel movements. While HiPP Comfort does contain easy-to-process lactose as a carbohydrate source, HiPP Comfort contains substantially less lactose than in other HiPP formulations. The milk protein contained in HiPP Comfort German formula is partially hydrolyzed, making the protein structures smaller, more similar in size to human breast milk proteins and, thus, easier for baby’s to process. This means that HiPP Comfort is also a good fit for babies that are at risk of developing allergies. HiPP Comfort also contains a special fat formulation based on beta palmitate, which has been linked to better calcium absorption in babies when compared to palm oil, in particular. The formula also contains prebiotics (Galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactose) and probiotics modelled on those found in human breast milk. Importantly, HiPP Comfort also contains added omegas 3 and 6, as babies at this age aren’t able to produce sufficient long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on their own.

Please note: HiPP Comfort is a specialty formula against colic, constipation and gassiness but is not a medical treatment. We advise consulting your pediatrician on medical conditions.

Although most HiPP formulas contain only organic ingredients, HiPP Comfort cannot be certified as organic because the hydrolyzed milk protein is not available in organic form.is not possible for us to provide you with a comfort milk which is certified organic, as the hydrolysed protein is not available in an organic form. Although this product is not certified organic, you can be reassured that HiPP comfort milk formula has been made to our usual high quality standards.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 



Lactose, maltodextrin, vegetable oils (palm oil **, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), starch, beta-palmitate¹ (from palm oil and sunflower oil), hydrolysed whey protein, galactooligosaccharides from lactose, calcium orthophosphates, emulsifier citric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, potassium chloride, fish oil, choline, M. alpina oil, L-phenylalanine, L tyrosine, potassium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, L arginine, calcium carbonate, L-histidine, calcium chloride, L-tryptophan, inositol, ferrous sulphate, L-carnitine, zinc oxide, pantothenic acid, natural lactic acid culture (Lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®²), niacin, vitamin E, copper sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, potassium iodate, vitamin B6, folic acid, sodium selenate, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, manganese sulphate, vitamin B12.

¹Specially structured fat, modelled based on mother's milk
²Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716
**Organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation certified by independent inspection bodies

Please note: The ingredients and allergy information is correct at time of issue and is checked on a regular basis, but we always recommend that you check the product label for ingredient information.

Nutritional facts

Per 100 g powder

In 100 ml ready-to drink


2138 kJ / 511 kcal

276 kJ / 66 kcal


27.8 g

3.6 g

of which:




Saturated fatty acids

12.4 g

1.6 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids

11 g

1.4 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

4.4 g

0.6 g

α - Linoleic acid (Omega-3)

0.4 g

0.05 g


103 mg

13.2 mg

Linoleic acid (Omega-6)

3.67 g

0.47 g

Arachidonic Acid

103 mg

13.2 mg


54.3 g

7 g

of which:





23.1 g

3 g

Of which lactose:

20.7 g

2.7 g


33 mg

4.2 mg


11.7 g

1.5 g


2.4 g

0.3 g

Of which Galactooligosaccharides:

2.4 g

0.3 g


9.8 g

1.25 g

Of which Taurin

4.8 mg

0.6 mg

Of which L-Carnitin

9 mg

1.2 mg


0.4 g

0.05 g





160 mg

20 mg


514 mg

66 mg


395 mg

51 mg


395 mg

51 mg


234 mg

30 mg


35 mg

4.5 mg

Trace elements




4.7 mg

0.6 mg


3.9 mg

0.5 mg


0.41 mg

0.053 mg


114 µg

15 µg


30 µg

3.8 µg


0.039 mg

0.005 mg


5.5 µg

0.7 µg


18 µg

2.3 µg


0.039 mg

0.005 mg




Vitamin A

420 µg

54 µg

Vitamin D

12 µg

1.5 µg

Vitamin E

5.5 mg

0.7 mg

Vitamin K

40 µg

5.1 µg

Vitamin C

69 mg

8.9 mg

Vitamin B1

0.28 mg

0.036 mg

Vitamin B2

0.4 mg

0.051 mg


2.6 mg

0.34 mg

Vitamin B6

0.18 mg

0.023 mg

Folic acid

78 µg

10 µg

Vitamin B12

0.8 µg

0.10 µg

Pantothenic acid

2.6 mg

0.34 mg


12 µg

1.5 µg

Further nutrients




195 mg

25 mg

The analytical values of the natural products are subject to natural fluctuations.  Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


Follow the instructions for precise use when preparing infant formula. Improper preparation or storage of the prepared bottle over a longer period of time can lead to health problems, e.g. due to the growth of unwanted germs. Prepare formula before every feeding and feed immediately. Do not reuse the remains of the prepared formulas. Clean bottle, teat and ring thoroughly. Seal the opened bag tightly after use. Store dry and at room temperature and use within 3 weeks after opening. Do not heat food in the microwave (risk of scalding).


  1. Boil fresh drinking water and cool to approx. 40°-50° C* / 104-122° F*.
  2. Add desired amount of boiled water (see Table) to bottle.
  3. Measure recommended amount of powder (see Table). Level the formula on the measuring spoon and add the powder to the water.
  4. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly.
  5. Cool to drinking temperature of approx. 37° C / 98.6° F. Check temperature, e.g. with HiPP thermometer.

*In order not to damage the natural lactic acid cultures (lactobacilli), please do not prepare the food with too hot water.

Amounts And Dosage

Amount drunk per bottle can vary individually. Recommended drinking amount and number of bottles per day are general guidelines only. Your baby does not have to drink the bottle completely. Please use the supplied measuring spoon only!


Meals per day

Ready-to-drink food

 (ml / fl oz)

Amount of water

(ml / fl oz)

Number of measuring spoons

1 - 2 weeks*

7 - 8

70 / 2.36

60 / 2.03


3 - 4 weeks

5 - 7

100 / 3.38

90 / 3.04


5 - 8 weeks

5 - 6

135 / 4.56

120 / 4.06


3rd - 4th month


170 / 5.75

150 / 5.07


5th month**

4 - 5

200 / 6.76

180 / 6.09


From 6th month


235 / 7.95

210 / 7.1


*Unless otherwise recommended by the doctor.
**From the 5th month onwards, with Pediatric recommendation you may begin feeding porridge or other baby foods.
Babies require approx. 5 feedings per day. Baby-food meals replace bottled Feeding, interchangeable.

Important Notes

  • Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Please talk to your clinic or pediatrician before use of the infant formula.
  • Special nutrition, to be used under medical supervision only.
  • HiPP Comfort is suitable for dietary treatment (special nutrition needs) when gassy, 3-Month baby colics due to lactose intolerance, and constipation at infancy. Under medical supervision, from birth on as exclusive nutrition, as well as from 6 Months onwards as a part of a mixed diet.
  • HiPP Comfort special nutrition is suitable for Allergy prone babies.
  • Do not use if existing or suspected Cow-milk Protein Allergy.
  • With HiPP Comfort special nutrition, your baby should feel better within a few days. If symptoms do not improve, please speak to your Doctor.
  • Like breast milk, all infant formula contains carbohydrates. They are an important part of your baby's diet. Frequent or prolonged teeth contact with carbohydrate-containing liquids can lead to tooth decay and thus to health problems. Do not let your child suck the bottle permanently and change to cup-feeding as soon as possible
  • Not suitable for parenteral use.
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